Substitute of tears with natural composition, with double consistency and multiple action for each type of dry eye. Its advantage is the COMOD dosage system that reduces the risk of contamination from the contents of the vial. In addition, Comod achieves savings in consumption with the exact dosage whereby the force of compression can affect the size of the drop. HYLO-COMOD provides effective protection when you feel pressure, burning and dryness in your eyes.

HYLO-COMOD eye drops contain hyaluronic acid, a substance normal to the human body. It is found, for example, in the synovial fluid and the vitreous of the eye. This substance has the ability to create on the surface of the eye a uniform, stable and long-lasting film of hydration, which does not leave or negatively affect vision. So the eye is protected from dry eye and irritation.

Duration Eye drops
Ophthalmological Testing For all types
Type Liquid

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