The Absolute Circle ... Eternal Trend

Posted by Marios Katsis 16/08/2018 0 Comment(s)

The Absolute Circle ... Eternal Trend


Favorite category round glasses! I personally have passion, and I am very excited to come back to fashion. Small round sunglasses that make you feel something for a while from John Lennon and the Beatles. Small round skeletons that are really so chic and impressive at the same time, and make you feel like taking a stroll in Paris!


They have a modern character but also a vintage mood. We meet them in the 70's in the rock, but also in the bohemian style. Round glasses are also a very interesting choice for this year. Simply or elaborately, eyeglass designs with a small round lens will be must, creating a special and trendy look.


Is there an ideal circle?


They are eccentric and careful ... they do not fit in all face shapes! Depending on your corners, the haircut and the volume of your hair, you have to choose between small and large, round sunglasses. They will make more stylish and in-fashion your appearance, although it is an accessory that comes from old fashion trends.


Oversized round glasses


How is it possible to miss the excess in round glasses? It can not be done! Large round glasses, everything we need for the beach and for those of us who like when we talk to each other to look at his eyes. Our large skeletons allow this, since we will not have to lift our glasses to face each other.


Choose a pair of rock-alternative styles for more trendy appearances, or one in oversized size, with a classic rock skeleton.  


Also, round glasses with colored lenses, yellow, blue, pink, make the difference and have something new to say.  


Even in winter, the round sunglasses will star in. So if you are looking for a passepartout option, prefer a couple with a black lens rather than a mirror. Usually, mirror sunglasses are worn only in the summer.  


Choose the round frame that suits you and move in the 70s! Besides life ... circles do !!

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