Sunglassess trends

Posted by Marios Katsis 01/08/2018 0 Comment(s)

Trends in fashion bring to light the trends of the 60's that showcase spectacular sunglasses with smaller skeletons but very intense shapes such as the butterfly claimed to be Cat eye.Therefore, we follow in Social Media a continuous projection of smaller sunglasses with very intense angles. This is the rising trend of the years to come.


Famous designers such as Vogue, Burberry, Dolce Gabanna, Moscino, Prada give us glasses with many different shades and light-colored lenses, reminding us of the 70's that has left its mark until now. The skeletons begin and leave the established dark colors and begin to be composed of shades with transparents even completely transparent.


These kinds of sunglasses or eyes are suitable for face-faces 'Diamond' even on oval faces, because they create a more intense contrast to the face corners, Dare it ... and show off your uniqueness.

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